2017 NBA Draft Profile: John Collins

06/21/2017 at 05:06pm

A former top-150 recruit, John Collins made massive strides as a sophomore at Wake Forest to rank among the most improved players in the country. He helped guide the Demon Deacons to their first NCAA Tournament appearance since 2010. Collins is a gifted offensive player and he finished the year among the nation’s most efficient scorers averaging an impressive 28.8 points and 14.7 rebounds per 40 minutes to earn First Team All-ACC honors.

  • Possesses good size for a power forward at 6’10. Has an average 6’11¼ wingspan for his height and a lean, but improving 225-pound frame. Makes up for his lack of length with good mobility and great explosiveness around the basket.

  • Combination of size, footwork, and touch allowed him to seamlessly slide into a major role in Wake Forest’s half court offense. Served as the team’s first option with almost half of his possessions coming in one-on-one situations on the low block where his scoring touch and skill level shined. Also finished with great efficiency playing off the ball making the most of his soft hands and mobility to score at a very high level cutting to the basket, on the break, and off of screen and roll actions.

PlayType Analysis

  • Terrific back-to-the-basket scorer. 46% of his possessions were Post Ups which he converted for an outstanding 1.131 points per Post Up possession [57th percentile]. Very instinctive on the block showing the ability to score using quick spins, face-up drives, and simple drop steps attacking over either shoulder. Tosses in some baby hooks with range getting to his right hand and makes contested turnaround jump shots at a strong rate spinning the other way over his left shoulder. Doesn’t take many hook shots with his left hand. Didn’t need much in the way of position to score effectively. Finds a way to get an angle pretty creatively. Uses fakes and jabs to keep his defender off balance when facing up. Doesn’t pass out of the post much unless he gets double teamed.

  • Tremendous finisher after setting screens in two-man actions and rim runs in the open floor. Scored an elite 1.403 points per shot around the rim in the half court [92nd percentile]. Drew fouls at a very high rate as a finisher as he tends to be aggressive attacking the rim, sometimes to a fault, and doesn’t shy away from contact. Forces the ball to the rim sometimes. Was among the most efficient players in the country scoring 1.609 points per Pick & Roll possession as the Roll Man [99th percentile] and 1.619 points per Transition possession [92nd percentile].

  • Lacks a degree of range as a scorer, but shoots a nice percentage at the line. Aside from his turnaround jumpers in the post, attempted only 11 jump shots in the half court last season. Shot the ball with a fluid motion and good balance on limited attempts. Seems to have untapped potential as a midrange weapon or even a three-point shooter down the road.

  • Makes an impact on the offensive glass. Generated 16% of his possessions on the offensive boards thanks to his high activity level. Scored only 1.17 points per Put Back possession [64th percentile] appearing more eager to try to score the ball than reset the offense. Lacked the length to tap the ball in at its highest point to maximize his consistent effort pursuing carroms.

  • Did not look to move the ball much last season. 0.2 assist-to-turnover ratio and 13 total assists in the half court rank among the lowest marks of any player in this draft regardless of position.

Defensive Analysis

  • Has the athleticism to move his feet out on the perimeter defensively. Struggled guarding on and off the ball allowing 1.085 points per Post Up possession [10th percentile] and often found himself out of position defending Pick & Rolls. Fairly productive rebounder. Blocks some shots by virtue of his quickness and explosiveness, but lack of length limits his ability to protect the rim at an elite level.


  • Ranked 2nd in the NCAA in scoring efficiency among players using over 15 possessions per game (1.161 ppp)
  • Ranked 1st in the ACC in Post Up scoring (7.6 ppg)
  • Ranked 1st in the ACC in Dunks (58 dunks)
  • Ranked 2nd in the ACC in Put Back scoring (3.1 ppg)
  • Ranked 3rd in the ACC in Roll Man scoring (2.2 ppg)