A Whole New View

Back in September, the NBA and STATS LLC announced an expanded partnership to install STATS' SportVU Player Tracking technology in every NBA arena beginning this season, making the NBA the first major U.S. professional sports league to quantify and analyze every movement of live game action throughout the entire season.

Beginning today, fans get a chance to see the innovative statistics that this technology can provide.

SportVU is a system of six cameras and STATS' proprietary software that measures the movements of all players and the ball on the court. Prior to this season, 15 teams had partnered with STATS since 2010-11 to acquire this technology. Now, all 30 teams will implement the system, giving us a complete picture. Every movement, from every game, every night, all season long.

It all starts with the cameras -- six in all, three per half court, sitting high above the floor and strategically placed in the catwalks to track every movement that occurs below. Every player on the court and the ball are tracked 25 times per second, collecting data based around speed, distance, player separation, and ball possession.

After the SportVU software churns the data, the system produces a plethora of useful statistics that you will now find on NBA.com/Stats and NBA TV.

Any touch that starts at least 20 feet of the hoop and is dribbled within 10 feet of the hoop and excludes fast breaks. Measures the total number of drives as well as the points, assists and shooting percentages on drives to the basket.

Speed & Distance
Measures the distance a player covers while on the court and the average speed at which the player was moving.

Rebounding Opportunities
The number of times player was within the vicinity (3.5 ft) of a rebound. Measures the number of rebounds a player recovers compared to the number of rebounding chances available as well as whether or not the rebound was contested by an opponent or deferred to a teammate.

Touches / Possession
The number of times a player touches and possesses the ball, where those touches occur on the court, how long the player possessed the ball and the number of points, assists and turnovers that occur with the ball in his possession.

Catch & Shoot
Any jump shot outside of 10 feet where a player possessed the ball for 2 seconds or less and took no dribbles.

Pull Up
Any jump shot outside 10 feet where a player took 1 or more dribbles before shooting.

The total number of passes a player makes and the scoring opportunities that come from those passes, whether they lead directly to a teammate scoring a basket or free throw, or if they set up an assist for another teammate.

Defensive Impact
Statistics measuring the impact a player has on defense, including blocks, steals and protecting the rim, which measures the opponent's field goal percentage at the rim while it is being defended. Rim protection is defined as the defender being within five feet of the basket and within five feet of the offensive player attempting the shot.

Shooting Efficiency
Measures shooting percentages from different types of shots -- drives, close shots, catch & shoots, pull ups and three-point attempts -- and accounts for the amount of time remaining on the shot clock and defender proximity.