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Jun 16 2014 4:41PM

Top 5 Questions to Elias: June 16

Each night the Elias Sports Bureau fields questions from broadcasters, reporters and other members of the media.
Here are the top five questions (and answers) from the final night of the 2013-14 NBA season.

Q: The Spurs scored 70 more points than the Heat in the 2014 Finals. Is that the largest scoring margin for any team over another in the Finals? Where does the 14.0 average margin rank?

A: The Spurs had the largest cumulative point differential -- in terms of both total points and average -- in a single NBA Finals. The 1965 Celtics previously held the records in both of those categories, having outscored the Lakers by 63 points, an average of 12.6 per game.

Q: How many teams have won three consecutive games in a single NBA Finals, each by a margin of at least 15 points?

A: The 2014 Spurs are the only team to have done that.

Q: How many players have won Finals MVP before their 23rd birthday?

A: Other than 22-year-old Kawhi Leonard, the only other player to win Finals MVP before turning 23 was Magic Johnson, who did so twice – Johnson was 20 at the time of his first Finals MVP in 1980, and he was 22 in 1982 when he won the award for a second time. (The Finals MVP Award was first presented in 1969.)

Q: How many wins do the Spurs Big Three (Duncan, Parker, Ginobili) have in the regular season, and how many do they have in the playoffs?

A: Duncan, Parker and Ginobili have played together in 497 regular-season wins and 117 in the playoffs.

Q: Which teams have averaged 10-or-more 3-point field goals per game in a Finals series?

A: The Spurs, with 55 three-pointers in five games, became the second team to do that. The Magic made 41 three-pointers in four games while being swept by the Rockets in 1995.