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May 19 2014 2:10PM

Top 5 Questions to Elias: May 19, 2014

Each night the Elias Sports Bureau fields questions from broadcasters, reporters and other members of the media.
Here are the top five questions (and answers) from last night.

Q: How many No. 1 seeds have entered the Conference Finals with a home record under .500 in that year's playoffs?

A: The Pacers, 3-4 at home through the first two rounds of the playoffs, were the first No. 1 seed to do that in NBA history.

Q: What are Chris Bosh's field goal percentage and 3-point field goal percentage in the last five minutes of a game in this year's playoffs?

A: Bosh is 7-for-15 from the floor (46.7 percent), including 1-for-5 from 3-point range.

Q: Before Sunday's game, had the Pacers ever had a playoff game in which each of their starters scored 15 or more points?

A: No, Sunday's was the first time.

Q: When was the last time a team's starters each had 15 or more points in a playoff game?

A: On June 16, 2013, the Spurs did it against the Heat in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Q: How many times have LeBron James and Dwyane Wade each scored at least 25 points in a playoff game? What is Miami's record in those games?

A: Sunday marked the 14th such playoff game for the Heat duo; Miami is 11-3 in those games.