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May 5 2014 4:24PM

Top 5 Questions to Elias: May 5, 2014

Each night the Elias Sports Bureau fields questions from broadcasters, reporters and other members of the media.
Here are the top five questions (and answers) from last night.

Q: What are the most points for Tony Parker in one half of a playoff game?

A: Parker scored 31 in the first half on April 25, 2009 at Dallas (he finished the game with 43).

Q: What are the records for the most points for a Spurs player in an NBA playoff game and in Game 7 of an NBA playoff series?

A: George Gervin holds both records for the Spurs since they entered the NBA in 1976: most points in a playoff game (46 against Washington in April 1978) and most points in a Game 7 (42 at Washington in May 1979).

Q: Was Manu Ginobili the first player to accumulate at least 20 points, five steals and five assists off the bench in a playoff game?

A: No. Since the NBA began recording steals in the 1973-74 season and playoffs, two other players did it -- Henry Bibby in April 1977 and Larry Wright in May 1978.

Q: Kevin Durant averaged 46.3 minutes per game in the first-round series vs. Memphis. Who was the last NBA player to average 46-or-more minutes per game in a playoff series?

A: While with the Cavaliers, LeBron James averaged 46.2 minutes per game in the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals against the Pistons.

Q: Kevin Durant scored 30 points in 47 different games in the regular season. Who was the last player with as many as 47 games scoring 30-plus points in one season?

A: Durant was the last player with such a season -- he also had 47 games of 30-or-more points in the 2009-10 season.