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Apr 1 2014 10:42AM

Top 5 Questions: April 1, 2014

Each night the Elias Sports Bureau fields questions from broadcasters, reporters and other members of the media.
Here are the top five questions (and answers) from last night.

Q: How many games this season have the Spurs had a lead of at least ten points at any point in the first quarter and where does that rank?

A: The Spurs have had 24 games with a double-digit first-quarter lead, second only to the Rockets, who have had 25 such games.

Q: When was the last time an NBA team scored less than 80 points five times in a six-game span, like the Pacers have just done?

A: The Bobcats were held to under 80 points five times in six games from January 24 to February 1 of 2012.

Q: How many single-season winning streaks of at least eight games does Gregg Popovich have with the Spurs and is that an NBA record by a head coach with a single franchise?

A: Popovich has 28 such winning streaks, an NBA record for a head coach with one franchise. Phil Jackson with the Bulls ranks second (19).

Q: How many games have the Spurs won by at least 20 points this season and does that lead the league?

A: The Spurs have 16 wins by a margin of at least 20 points this season, which leads the league ahead of the Clippers and Timberwolves (12 each).

Q: The Spurs finished March with a 16-0 record. What are the top four March won-loss records in the franchise's NBA history?

A: 1996 and 2014 (16-0), 1995 and 1999 (14-2).