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Mar 29 2014 2:25PM

Top 5 Questions: March 29, 2014

Q: With Washington beating the Pacers by 13 points on Friday night, which teams this season have posted wins of at least 13 points against the Pacers, Thunder, and Heat?

A: The Wizards are the only such team.

Q: The Wizards have now posted at least one win against each of the other teams in the Eastern Conference. When was the last season in which Washington did that?

A: The 2007-08 season.

Q: Which teams own the best fourth-quarter point differential this season?


Team4th Qtr Point Differential
Toronto Raptors+2.75 (points per game)
San Antonio Spurs+1.86
Miami Heat+1.77
Indiana Pacers+1.75
Los Angeles Clippers+1.44

Q: Which teams have played the most and the fewest overtime games this season?

A: The Wizards have played the most (11), the Lakers have played the fewest (1).

Q: The Lakers allowed 140 points for the second time this season. When was the last time the Lakers allowed at least 140 points in multiple games in one season?

A: The 1983-84 season (two such games) was the last in which the Lakers allowed 140 points in multiple games in the same season.