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May 20 2014 2:40PM

SportVU Matchup Data: West Finals Game 1

The San Antonio Spurs opened the Western Conference Finals with a 122-105 home win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday. Take a look at the SportVU data to see which matchups they were able to exploit against the Thunder.

Leonard defending Durant

As expected Kawhi Leonard took a major role in defending Kevin Durant in the opening game of the series. Leonard spent 8:26 on Durant and limited him to 3-of-7 shooting on 27 touches for seven of his points.

Parker defending Westbrook

If Game 1 is any indication, Tony Parker will struggle to stay in front of Russell Westbrook all series long. Westbrook drove the ball seven times in 3:23 of matchup time against Parker.

Overall Drives Allowed
Manu Ginobili8
Tony Parker8
Kevin Durant6
Danny Green5
Reggie Jackson5
Boris Diaw3
Kawhi Leonard3

Leonard's offense vs. Durant

Kawhi Leonard also highlighted his offensive game, shooting 5-for-11 in almost seven minutes of action being defended by Durant.

Duncan defending Thunder bigs

When Tim Duncan defended Oklahoma City's interior players, offense was almost non-existent. Between Kendrick Perkins, Steven Adams and Nick Collison they combined for just seven touches and 0-for-1 shooting from the floor in 7:13 of matchup time.

Collison's defense

While Nick Collison did not contribute much offensively he held opponents to 4-of-12 shooting in the game. He stepped up several times to prevent to impact Kawhi Leonard shots, limiting him to 1-of-5 shooting.