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May 11 2014 2:47PM

SportVU Matchup Data: Saturday Split

On Saturday, the Spurs extended to a 3-0 series lead over the Blazers, while the Nets were able to get a win on the board against the defending champs, pulling to a 2-1 deficit in their series. Using SportVU data, we'll take a look at the matchups that were helped lead to the Spurs and Nets to victory, including Tony Parker's continued brilliance and the Nets' outstanding shooting from beyond the arc.

Portland vs. San Antonio | Brooklyn vs. Miami

Portland vs. San Antonio

Portland has really struggled to defender Tony Parker, who has been sensational this postseason. Parker drove to the basket 18 times in Game 3, which was tied for his second-highest total on the season after the 20 drives he had in Game 5 against the Mavericks. While Batum was the primary guilty party in Game 3, he was far more successful than Matthews in limiting Parker's points scored.

DefenderMatchup TimeTouchesFGFG%3FG3FG%DrivesDrive PtsTotal Pts
N. Batum6:46181-4250-00833
W. Matthews4:06176-8752-21002314
R. Lopez1:1223-6500-00326
D. Lillard0:5922-21000-00444
L. Aldridge0:4012-3670-00104

Tiago Splitter once again guarded LaMarcus Aldridge in Game 3 and put up a great performance, allowing just six points in the half-court. Aldridge was far more efficient against the rest of the Spurs and received far more touches despite being matched up at almost the same amount of time that Splitter guarded him in the game.

DefenderTiago SplitterRest of Team
Matchup Time6:326:26

Portland's backcourt tandem of Lillard and Matthews has really struggled from beyond the arc, an area where they were very successful during the regular season. Kawhi Leonard in particular has created problems for the pair, not allowing a single make on seven attempts to this point in the series.

Games 1 & 2Game 3Total
Tony Parker2-540%1-333%3-838%
Kawhi Leonard0-40%0-30%0-70%
Danny Green0-20%0-10%0-30%
Manu Ginobili0-00%2-30%2-367%
Marco Belinelli0-20%0-00%0-20%
Aron Baynes0-00%0-10%0-10%
Tim Duncan0-00%0-10%0-10%
Boris Diaw1-1100%0-00%1-1100%

Brooklyn vs. Miami

The Heat struggled to defend the 3-point line in Game 3, giving up 15 makes from beyond the arc. All Miami defenders apart from LeBron James allowed at least as many 3-point makes in Game 3 than they had in the first two games.

Game 3Games 1 & 2
LeBron James3-475%4-944%
Dwyane Wade3-560%1-617%
Chris Bosh2-450%2-633%
Mario Chalmers2-367%2-450%
Ray Allen1-425%1-425%
Norris Cole1-250%0-20%

After shooting 2-of-10 for just four total points in Games 1 and 2, Kevin Garnett provided an effective offensive performance in Game 3. This was due in large part to the shots he was able to get when not guarded by Bosh, going 4-of-4 on just four touches.

DefenderBoshRest of Team
Matchup Time4:522:51

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade carried the offensive load for the Heat, scoring more than half of Miami's 90 points with 48 combined. Of Brooklyn defenders that guarded these players for at least a minute in the half-court Shaun Livingston fared the worst, allowing nine points on 4-of-8 shooting.

DefenderMatchup TimeTouchesFGFG%3FG3FG%FoulsFTPoints
S. Livingston6:22224-850%0-00%11-29
M. Teletovic3:0471-520%1-425%45-68
P. Pierce8:31293-743%1-425%20-07
A. Kirilenko2:1871-333%0-00%01-23
J. Johnson1:5571-333%0-00%00-02
A. Anderson1:2841-250%0-00%10-02
D. Williams1:0521-1100%0-00%00-02