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Apr 26 2014 1:44PM

SportVU Matchup Data: Raptors Can't Slow Joe

With SportVU data, we break down Friday night's playoff tripleheader, with a closer look at Houston's defensive adjustments against LaMarcus Aldridge, Mike Dunleavy lighting up everyone on the Wizards, and Joe Johnson's prolific shooting against the Raptors.

Portland vs. Houston | Washington vs. Chicago | Brooklyn vs. Toronto

Portland vs. Houston

Lillard shot efficiently from the field and scored 30 points in Game 3, but his level of success varied greatly by who was guarding him. When Beverley guarded him he struggled from the field, while he lit up Houston when he was able to matchup with someone other than their best perimeter defender.

BeverleyRest of Team
Matchup Time10:035:01
FG1-6 (17%)7-10 (70%)
3FG0-3 (0%)2-3 (67%)
FT4-4 (100%)2-2 (100%)
Drive Points26

While still scoring 23 points, the Rockets were able to slow down LaMarcus Aldridge in Game 3. They made an adjustment to have Dwight Howard guard him much more than he did in Games 1 and 2 instead of Terrence Jones, as Jones was on the floor for just 13 total minutes last night compared to 62 minutes in Games 1 and 2.

Game 3Games 1 and 2

Matchup Time6:140:147:197:51
FG2-9 (22%)0-0 (0%)11-16 (69%)9-15 (60%)

Going big also helped Houston on the offensive glass, where they had 22 rebounds compared to just 13 for Portland. However, their guards were also at fault for allowing six offensive rebounds, while the Rockets backcourt did not allow a single offensive rebound to their matchups.

Trail Blazers
PlayerOReb Allowed
Robin Lopez5
LaMarcus Aldridge5
Wesley Matthews3
Damian Lillard2
Joel Freeland1
Nicolas Batum1
Mo Williams1
Dorell Wright0
Thomas Robinson0

PlayerOReb Allowed
Omer Asik4
Dwight Howard2
Chandler Parsons2
Terrence Jones0
Patrick Beverley0
Troy Daniels0
James Harden0
Jeremy Lin0

Washington vs. Chicago

Mike Dunleavy torched the Wizards in Game 3, scoring 35 points after having just 20 through Games 1 and 2. He had the Wizards scrambling on defense to contest his 3 point attempts, where he shot 4-of-5 against players that were not guarding him in the half court throughout the game.

Matchup Time1:300:330:270:200:20
Defender's Total Time5:362:089:2712:533:19
% Guarding Dunleavy27%26%5%3%10%
FG1-2 (50%)1-2 (50%)1-1 (100%)2-3 (67%)1-1 (100%)
3FG0-1 (0%)1-1 (100%)1-1 (100%)1-1 (100%)1-1 (100%)

Nene's production dropped off dramatically in Game 3 compared to his output in Games 1 and 2, shooting 5-of-15 for 10 points compared to 19-of-30 for 41 points which he posted in Chicago. He has been almost exclusively matched up with Joakim Noah, which is where he was ineffective last night.

Game 3Games 1 and 2Regular Season
Matchup Time7:2117:2912:11
FG2-9 (22%)14-22 (64%)6-17 (35%)
FT0-0 (0%)2-2 (100%)1-2 (50%)

Despite shooting just 4-of-15 from the field, DJ Augustin was able to ignite the offense by penetrating into the paint. Of his 13 total points, six came off of his nine drives in the half court.

DefenderTouchesDrivesDrive Points
Nene 242
Bradley Beal1242
Trevor Ariza412

Brooklyn vs. Toronto

DeMar DeRozan was extremely aggressive in attacking the basket with 15 drives in Game 3, more than double his season average of 7.2 drives per game. He nearly exceeded his output from Games 1 and 2 combined, where he had 18 drives and 12 points off those drives.

Game 3Games 1 & 2
DefenderDrivesDrive PointsDrivesDrive Points
Shaun Livingston4234
Andrei Kirilenko3410
Alan Anderson2074
Andray Blatche2010
Mason Plumlee1020
Mirza Teletovic1000
Deron Williams1100
Joe Johnson1020
Paul Pierce0024

Kyle Lowry forced up five shots in Game 3 in instances where Paul Pierce had briefly guarded him to contest the shot, after having Pierce guard him for just seven shots all season. This has been an unfavorable matchup for Lowry all season, having had much more success against Williams and Livingston when Pierce was not there to contest the shot.


Game 3SeasonGame 3Season
FG1-5 (20%)2-7 (29%)2-4 (50%)15-26 (58%)
3FG0-4 (0%)1-3 (33%)1-3 (33%)7-14 (50%)
FT1-1 (100%)0-0 (0%)3-3 (100%)1-1 (100%)

Joe Johnson lit up the floor for 29 points, as there was not a player on Toronto that was able to stop his torrid shooting.

DefenderMatchup TimeTouchesFG3FGDrivesPoints
DeMar DeRozan6:49124-6 (67%)0-0 (0%)38
John Salmons2:2941-2 (50%)0-0 (0%)12
Landry Fields1:3540-2 (0%)0-0 (0%)20
Terrence Ross0:5862-2 (100%)1-1 (100%)05
Kyle Lowry0:4921-1 (100%)1-1 (100%)03
Amir Johnson0:2431-1 (100%)0-0 (0%)02
Jonas Valanciunas0:2032-3 (67%)1-1 (100%)05
Greivis Vasquez0:1821-1 (100%)0-0 (0%)12
Patrick Patterson0:0810-1 (0%)0-1 (0%)00