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Apr 30 2014 1:30PM

SportVU Matchup Data: Paul Splashing Threes

With SportVU data, we break down Tuesday's playoff action, with a closer look at Chris Paul knocking down shots against Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant finally finding some success against Tony Allen (albeit in a loss), John Wall's shooting against the Bulls' backcourt, and more.

Oklahoma City vs. Memphis | Los Angeles vs. Golden State | Chicago vs. Washington

Oklahoma City vs. Memphis

Kevin Durant has struggled when being guarded by Tony Allen this series. He was able to find more success versus him in Game 5.

Game 5Games 1-4
Matchup Time8:3232:17
FGM-FGA5-9 (56%)6-26 (23%)
3FGM-3FGA2-4 (50%)1-8 (13%)

Serge Ibaka: Defense

Marc GasolZach Randolph
Matchup Time10:135:02
OReb Allowed20

Russell Westbrook was much more successful when being guarded by Courtney Lee than he was being guarded by Mike Conley. Westbrook scored 12 points on 5-of-9 shooting in 5:52 of matchup time with Lee, compared to five points on 1-of-9 shooting in 5:43 of matchup time with Conley. Westbrook had four drives when matched up with Lee and five when matched up with Conley.

Drives Allowed

Russell Westbrook7
Reggie Jackson6
Mike Conley6
Courtney Lee4
Tayshaun Prince3
Caron Butler3
Marc Gasol3
Tony Allen3

Los Angeles vs. Golden State

Stephen Curry was not able to get into a rhythm offensively in Game 5. Curry attempted only 10 field goals overall, and he was not able to get a single shot off in 8:40 of matchup time with Chris Paul.

David Lee vs. DeAndre Jordan

LeeJordan5:451434-8 (50%)038
JordanLee5:10514-5 (80%)408

Chris Paul has been primarily guarded by Klay Thompson in this series. Paul has shot 8-for-17 in 27:50 of matchup time this series, including 2-for-2 in 7:34 of matchup time in Game 5. Paul has lit it up from 3-point range versus Thompson, as he shot 2-for 2-from three versus him in Game 5, and 6-of-9 for the series overall in that matchup.

Blake Griffin shot well when defended by Draymond Green in Game 5, but struggled in his other primary matchups.

Draymond GreenDavid LeeMarreese Speights
Matchup Time6:082:352:17

Chicago vs. Washington

Nene returned from his one-game suspension to score 12 points on 6-of-12 shooting in 10:11 of matchup time versus Joakim Noah in Game 5.

John Wall: Offense

Kirk HinrichD.J. Augustin
Matchup Time7:273:25

Jimmy Butler struggled from the field in Game 5. He was primarily matched up with Trevor Ariza (5:13), Martell Webster (3:49), and Bradley Beal (3:45). He scored three points on 1-of-3 shooting versus Ariza, six points on 3-of-8 shooting versus Webster, and zero points on no shots versus Beal. He shot 6-for-15 in the game overall. Butler did have five drives combined in those matchups, but he was only able to score two points off of those drives.

Carlos Boozer: Offense

NeneMarcin Gortat
Matchup Time4:393:43