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Apr 23 2014 3:10PM

SportVU Matchup Data: Nene Over Noah

We break down the matchups from Tuesday's playoff tripleheader, including Nene's second straight outstanding outing against Defensive Player of the Year Joakim Noah, Paul George guarding Jeff Teague and DeMar DeRozan's bounce-back performance in Game 2 vs. Brooklyn.

Toronto vs. Brooklyn | Indiana vs. Atlanta | Chicago vs. Washington

Toronto vs. Brooklyn

DeMar DeRozan led all scorers with 30 in Game 2, and scored 23 of these in the half court. While Alan Anderson guarded DeRozan the most in their regular season matchup and limited him to 1-of-8 (13%) shooting, both Livingston and Johnson spent more time than Anderson on DeRozan last night. In last night's game this trend continued, as DeRozan struggled against Anderson and got his points when defended by other players.

AndersonRest of Team
FG0-3 (0%)9-20 (45%)
3FG0-1 (0%)0-1 (0%)

Lowry and DeRozan were both among the top 25 NBA players this year in total drives, and they were the top two drivers in Game 2 as well. They combined for 21 drives out of the 58 total drives in Game 2, and 10 of these drives came against either Deron Williams or Alan Anderson.

DefenderDrivesDrive Points
Deron Williams66
Alan Anderson40
Mason Plumlee32
Shaun Livingston34
Paul Pierce24
Joe Johnson10
Andrei Kirilenko10
Mirza Teletovic12

Pierce and Johnson both struggled from beyond the 3-point line, combining for just one make in Game 2. Their combined attempts came against a variety of defenders, but that was not enough to overcome their shooting woes from the 3-point line.

DefenderMatchup TimeTouches3FGM-3FGA
Amir Johnson4:11110-3
Landry Fields3:1180-2
Patrick Patterson3:0080-2
Kyle Lowry6:3141-1
DeMar DeRozan6:31190-1
Terrence Ross1:2220-1
Jonas Valanciunas0:4210-1

Indiana vs. Atlanta

After dropping 28 in Game 1, Jeff Teague halved his output in Game 2 for a total of just 14 points after Paul George requested to guard him in the half court. In Game 2 alone, George guarded Teague more than he did during the entire regular season.

Regular SeasonGame 2
Matchup Time6:317:23
FG2-8 (25%)3-6 (50%)
3FG0-2 (0%)0-0 (0%)

Paul George followed up his assertive performance in Game 1 with another impressive showing in Game 2. Part of his effectiveness in Game 2 was his ability to create separation from DeMarre Carroll in the half court and utilize mismatches. Despite being guarded for over seven minutes in the half court by Carroll, only three of his attempts from the field came while Carroll was guarding him.

DefenderMatchup TimeTouchesFGFG%3FGFouls
DeMarre Carroll7:23192-367%1-1 1
Kyle Korver2:3172-367%0-00
Paul Millsap1:0203-475%1-20
Jeff Teague1:0131-250%1-10
Cartier Martin0:4021-1100%1-10
Mike Scott0:2420-10%0-01

The Pacers also made adjustments to how they were guarding Paul Millsap after Game 1, placing Hibbert on him as his primary matchup for 6:25 in Game 2 while David West spent the most time on him in Game 1 at 4:44. To this point in the series, West has guarded Millsap less but has allowed just five half-court points to Hibbert's 16.

Matchup Time8:555:44
FG6-7 (86%)1-6 (17%)
3FG2-2 (100%)0-0 (0%)

Chicago vs. Washington

Nene has played a large role in the Wizards taking a 2-0 lead on the Chicago Bulls. In Game 2, Nene continued his dominance over the Defensive Player of the Year Joakim Noah.

Game 2Game 1
Matchup Time9:248:05

The Wizards split duty in trying to check DJ Augustin throughout his big performance in Game 2.

John WallBradley BealTrevor Ariza
Matchup Time4:254:173:54
FG3-5 (60%)2-3 (67%)1-3 (33%)
3FG1-1 (100%)0-1 (0%)1-1 (100%)

Bradley Beal found success in Game 2 when attacking Jimmy Butler (4-of-5, 13 points) but struggled when being guarded by Kirk Hinrich (1-of-5, 3 points).

The Bulls featured Kirk Hinrich late in the game and John Wall was pivotal in limiting his production. Wall limited Hinrich to 2-of-9 shooting in 8:02 of match up time.

While Trevor Booker struggled to keep Taj Gibson off the glass by allowing four offensive rebounds to him when they were matched up, he did limit Gibson's offensive efficiency. Gibson shot only 1-of-7 when guarded by Trevor Booker.