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May 4 2014 3:26PM

SportVU Matchup Data: Moving On

Saturday was the first day in NBA history with three winner-take-all Game 7s. Using SportVU data, we take a look at how the Clippers, Thunder and Pacers were able to win key player-vs-player matchups in order to win their respective series and advance to the Conference Semifinals.

Golden State vs. Los Angeles | Memphis vs. Oklahoma City | Atlanta vs. Indiana

Golden State vs. Los Angeles

The Clippers backcourt was dominant on the offensive end, shooting effectively almost regardless of defender. The combination of Paul, Redick, Collison, and Crawford combined for 59 total half-court points, and did the most of their damage against Draymond Green.

D. Green5-1533%2-540%14
A. Iguodala4-580%1-250%11
D. Lee4-757%1-250%9
K. Thompson3-743%2-540%8
S. Curry2-633%1-333%7
J. Crawford2-2100%0-00%6
M. Speights1-250%0-00%2
H. Barnes1-1100%0-00%2

Draymond Green easily had his best offensive night of the series in Game 7 against the Clippers, going for 24 points. He shot an outlandish 7-of-10 (70%) in the half-court while either Griffin or Jordan were guarding him, but even on the series he was productive against the combination, shooting 17-of-37 (46%).

Game 7Series
Matchup Time8:1540:21

Curry scored 33 points in Game 7, tied for the most points he scored in a game this series along with Game 4. He shot effectively against his primary matchup in Chris Paul, but went just 1-of-8 against the rest of the team. However, the rest of the Clippers were far more willing to send Curry to the free throw line where he got eight points in just the half-court.

DefenderChris PaulRest of Team
Matchup Time9:045:16
Total Pts910

Memphis vs. Oklahoma City

After really struggling all series against his primary matchups in Tony Allen and Tayshaun Prince, Kevin Durant scored 21 points against them in the half-court in Game 7. He shot a combined 9-of-11 (82%) when guarded by either of these players, including a perfect 6-of-6 against Allen.

Game 7Series

Matchup Time8:253:2457:2626:29

Playing without their leading scorer in Zach Randolph, the Grizzlies needed to search for offense in other areas. While he has done so all series, Mike Conley was even more aggressive in getting to the basket in Game 7 than he had been all series, getting as many drives against Westbrook (eight) as Westbrook got in the entire game despite having the second most drives after Conley.

DefenderDrivesDrive PointsPoints/Drive
Russell Westbrook840.50
Reggie Jackson221.00
Serge Ibaka200.00
Derek Fisher252.50
Kevin Durant200.00
Caron Butler122.00

The Thunder easily had their best game from beyond the arc in the series, shooting 11-of-19 (58%). Of the 11 3-pointers that the Thunder made in Game 7, nine came in the half-court against the backcourt of the Grizzlies.

Mike Conley3633100%
Courtney Lee373560%
Beno Udrih1722100%
Tony Allen361333%

Atlanta vs. Indiana

Indiana went back to playing big in Game 7, with Hibbert getting the most minutes he's seen all series and Mahinmi also getting 14 minutes. Atlanta was able to get good looks from beyond the 3-point line, but shot poorly and could not force Indiana to reconsider the decision to go big. David West and Chris Copeland were the only two defenders that allowed a higher 3FG% in Game 7 than they had over the course of the series.

Game 7Series
David West31127%44010%
Lance Stephenson1714%82532%
Paul George2633%122843%
Roy Hibbert1520%122843%
George Hill1425%143837%
Ian Mahinmi030%72232%
C.J. Watson030%41822%
Chris Copeland2367%4850%

Jeff Teague remained very assertive in getting to the basket in Game 7 with a total of 14 drives, but was able to get just four points from those drives for an average of .29 points per drive. On the series he averaged .57 points per drive.

DefenderMatchup TimeTouchesDrivesDrive Points
Paul George5:451152
Lance Stephenson1:16330
George Hill1:00932
David West0:53320
Ian Mahinmi0:06110

Due in part to Atlanta's poor shooting from beyond the arc on a playoff-record 44 3-point attempts, Paul Millsap grabbled 10 of Atlanta's 15 total offensive rebounds. He got the majority of these rebounds when not guarded by his primary matchups of Hibbert and Mahinmi.

DefenderMatchup TimeTotal Defensive MP% of Total OReb Allowed
R. Hibbert7:4810:5971%2
I. Mahinmi3:124:5465%1
D. West1:3515:4510%1
G. Hill0:5415:506%1
L. Stephenson0:3513:414%1
C.J. Watson0:186:395%1