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May 10 2014 2:21PM

SportVU Matchup Data: Grabbing the Lead

The Thunder and Pacers picked up Game 3 road wins on Friday to take 2-1 leads in their respective series. Using SportVU data, we'll look at the key matchups in each game, including Russell Westbrook vs. Chris Paul, Reggie Jackson's defense off the Thunder bench, Roy Hibbert's second straight impressive outing vs. Marcin Gortat and Nene, and more.

Thunder vs. Clippers | Pacers vs. Wizards

Thunder vs. Clippers

In Game 3, Blake Griffin found a little bit more success against Serge Ibaka, in 7:29 of matchup time he went 6-of-12 from the floor on 32 touches.

Russell Westbrook was able to use the dribble drive to attack Chris Paul, recording eight drives in their 8:35 of matchup time. Westbrook produced six points on the drives and nine points overall versus Paul.

Chris Paul was extremely effective when defended by Russell Westbrook in Game 3.

Matchup Time10:17

Reggie Jackson has been playing effective defense off the bench and Game 3 was no different. When matched up with Paul, Crawford and Collison, Jackson held the Clippers trio to 3-of-14 shooting.

Matchup Time4:542:281:41

Kevin Durant attacked frequently when matched up with Barnes and Dudley, shooting 7-for-12 from the floor when defended by them for 14 of his points.

Pacers vs. Wizards

In Game 3, the Pacers continued to find ways to get Hibbert the ball. Hibbert went 3-for-5 in 6:37 of matchup time versus Gortat, scoring six points.

Nene played a monster role in the Wizards making it to the second round, if the Wizards offense is going to get back on track they are going to need more from him when matched up with Hibbert and West.

Matchup Time4:573:17

Roy Hibbert has been extremely effective on the defensive end against Gortat and Nene, only allowing 3-of-10 shooting when he is the primary defender.

George Hill did a great job of limiting John Wall's dribble penetration when he was on him, only allowing three drives in 8:47 of half-court matchup time.