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May 3 2014 2:51PM

SportVU Matchup Data: Getting to Game 7

With SportVU data, we break down Thursday's playoff action, with a closer look at Kevin Durant's production in the half-court against Tony Allen and Tayshaun Prince, Ian Mahinmi's defensive impact on Paul Millsap and the Hawks, Draymond Green limiting Blake Griffin's productivity compared to David Lee, and more.

Oklahoma City vs. Memphis | Indiana vs. Atlanta | Los Angeles vs. Golden State

Oklahoma City vs. Memphis

Oklahoma City finally got Durant going in Game 6 versus the Grizzlies in the half-court. Tony Allen still held his own defensively limiting him to 3-of-7 shooting but Durant had his way when matched up with Prince.

Tony AllenTayshaun Prince
Matchup Time8:134:08

Oklahoma City used a variety of defensive match ups to slow Randolph down throughout the game. Kendrick Perkins was his primary match up, defending him for 5:28.

Kendrick PerkinsOther Bigs*
Matchup Time5:285:45
*Ibaka, Adams, Collison

Russell Westbrook struggled to keep Mike Conley out of the lane, allowing five drives in 7:48 of matchup time. James Johnson received more minutes in Game 6 and was able to use his size to get to the basket when Reggie Jackson defended him, recording four drives.

Serge Ibaka was able to contain Marc Gasol in their seven plus minutes of matchup time. On 24 touches, Gasol took 10 shots, making four and scoring nine points.

Russell Westbrook found success versus Courtney Lee in their five minutes of matchup time, recording three drives and shooting 4-of-7 from the field.

Indiana vs. Atlanta

Ian Mahinmi played the most minutes he's played in any game in the series to this point on Thursday with 23 minutes on the floor while Hibbert again played just 12 minutes. While Mahinmi failed to contribute a point on offense, Millsap shot just 1-of-6 against him and as a team Atlanta shot was just 23% against him in the half-court.


Paul George spent a lower portion of time guarding Jeff Teague last night than he has over the course of the series, with C.J. Watson picking up some of the slack. Teague was particularly aggressive against C.J. Watson in Game 6, continuing a trend from the series of attacking the rim with the most success against Watson among his three Indiana defenders.

Game 6Series
PlayerTimeDrivesDrives/MinDrive Pts/MinTimeDrivesDrives/MinDrive Pts/Min

David West came up big for Indiana in Game 6, scoring a series-high 24 points for himself. While Millsap guarded him effectively in the half court, he was able to do the majority of his damaged when matched up against other Atlanta defenders.

DefenderPaul MillsapRest of Team
Drive Pts22
Total Points816

Los Angeles vs. Golden State

In the Warriors Game 6 victory versus the Clippers, Draymond Green was extremely effective in limiting Blake Griffin's productivity on 22 touches.

Draymond GreenDavid Lee
Matchup Time6:411:21

Jamal Crawford put up 18 points in Game 6 and found success when matched up versus Klay Thompson, going 2-for-3 from the field and 1-of-2 from downtown for five points.

Klay Thompson did a great job limiting Chris Paul's effectiveness on the offensive end of the floor. Thompson checked Paul for 52% of the time he was on offense and held him scoreless on two misses.

Curry did some quick damage when being guarded by Matt Barnes. Barnes was the primary defender for two minutes and 16 seconds and allowed Curry to go 3-of-5 from the floor and 2-of-3 from three for eight points.

David Lee had a pretty quiet night in the Game 6 win. He was defended by DeAndre Jordan for five minutes in the half court and only took three field goal attempts in that time on 11 touches.