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May 6 2014 3:48PM

SportVU Matchup Data: First Strike

The Conference Semifinals opened on Monday night with the Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Clippers picking up Game 1 wins on the road in Indiana and Oklahoma City, respectively. Using SportVU data, we take a look at the matchups they were able to win in order to steal home-court advantage.

Wizards vs. Pacers | Clippers vs. Thunder

Wizards vs. Pacers

Bradley Beal continued to excel in postseason play in Game 1 versus the Pacers. Beal faced three primary defenders and found the most success against Evan Turner.

Matchup Percentage*42%25%18%
Drive Points070
*% of Beal's time in half-court guarded by the defender

George Hill continued his regular season performance in containing John Wall, holding him to 2-of-8 shooting and 0-of-3 from downtown. In almost nine minutes of matchup time in the half-court Hill held Wall to four points and two drives.

Trevor Ariza was able to slow George in the half-court. In 10:35 of match up time George only attempted six shots on 30 touches.

David West was a combined 4-for-11 when defended by Gortat and Nene in 7:33 of matchup time. Gortat was the primary defender on West, limiting him to 2-of-7 shooting.

Clippers vs. Thunder

The Clippers used ball screens effectively versus the Thunder to generate clean looks for Paul and force different matchups. Paul was defended by eight different players on his 3-point makes.

While Chris Paul stole the show, Serge Ibaka was holding Blake Griffin in check.

Matchup Time5:21

Russell Westbrook was able to attack Chris Paul in the half-court, recording six drives that generated eight of his 29 points in the game.

Just like the Clippers used ball screen action to find open looks for Paul, the Thunder used them to create switches on Durant. Durant faced eight different defenders at the time of his shot and went 4-of-10 versus Matt Barnes and Jared Dudley in 8:52 of matchup time.

Ibaka recorded 12 touches when defended by Blake Griffin and shot 3-of-4 from the floor for six points.