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Jun 11 2014 6:40PM

SportVU Matchup Data: NBA Finals, Game 3

A historic first half helped the Spurs gain a 2-1 lead in The Finals on Tuesday night. Using SportVU data, we break down the top matchups from San Antonio's win, including Kawhi Leonard vs. LeBron James on both ends of the court, another efficient night for Tim Duncan vs. Bosh and Andersen, and Dwyane Wade's offense vs. Green and Ginobili.

No Stopping Kawhi

Kawhi Leonard lit up the Heat for a career-high 29 points on 10-of-13 shooting in Game 3. LeBron was Kawhi's primary matchup (8:41), but Dwyane Wade (2:27), Rashard Lewis (1:23), and Ray Allen (1:18) all spent over a minute guarding him as well.

LeBron JamesDwyane WadeRashard LewisRay Allen
Matchup Time8:412:271:231:18
FGM-FGA3-4 (75%)1-1 (100%)3-3 (100%)1-2 (50%)
3FGM-3FGA2-3 (67%)0-0 (0%)1-1 (100%)0-1 (0%)
Drive Pts0222

Kawhi guarding LeBron

While Kawhi excelled offensively in Game 3, LeBron was able to make him work on the other end of the court. LeBron shot 5-of-8 (63%) in 9:07 of matchup time with Kawhi in Game 3. Kawhi also picked up three fouls in that matchup. Kawhi has struggled with foul trouble when guarding LeBron throughout the series.

Game 3Series Totals
Matchup Time9:0721:20
FGM-FGA5-8 (63%)12-18 (67%)
3FGM-3FGA2-3 (67%)4-5 (80%)
Drive Pts411

Duncan vs Bosh and Birdman

Chris Bosh and Chris Andersen continued to struggle guarding Tim Duncan in Game 3. Duncan shot a combined 4-of-6 (67%) in 8:29 of matchup time with the pair in Game 3.

Game 3Games 1 and 2
Matchup Time8:2919:02
FGM-FGA4-6 (67%)9-15 (60%)

Wade vs Green and Ginobili

Dwyane Wade had a solid Game 3 for Miami, as he shot 6-of-8 in his primary matchups with Danny Green and Manu Ginobili.

Matchup Time4:093:05
FGM-FGA2-4 (50%)4-4 (100%)
Drive Pts24

Drives Allowed

DefenderDrivesDrive Pts
Kawhi Leonard87
Manu Ginobili67
Boris Diaw54
LeBron James50
Rashard Lewis45
Ray Allen46
Dwyane Wade46