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May 31 2014 5:28PM

SportVU Matchup Data: East Finals Game 6

The Miami Heat knocked off the Indiana Pacers in six games to advance to their fourth straight NBA Finals. Using SportVU data, we take a closer look at the matchup from Miami's blowout win in Game 6, including LeBron James vs. Lance Stephenson, Rashard Lewis vs. David West and Chris Bosh vs. Roy Hibbert.

LeBron vs. Lance

Lance Stephenson again took the primary responsibility of guarding LeBron James in the half-court in Game 6.

Matchup Time6:103:26

Rashard Lewis vs. David West

David West put together another efficient performance going 8-for-11 from the floor, however the Pacers could have looked to get him the ball more when defended by Lewis. In 5:55 of matchup time with Rashard Lewis, West shot 3-of-5 from the floor on 12 touches while scoring six points. In the series, West went 13-of-23 when guarded by Lewis.

Lewis was able to pull West from the hoop again in Game 6, in over five minutes of match up time Lewis went 4-for-7 from the field and 3-of-4 from downtown for 11 points.

Chris Bosh vs. Roy Hibbert

Roy Hibbert continued his disappointing postseason and was unable to take advantage of his size in Game 6. In 6:23 of matchup time with Chris Bosh, Hibbert had 12 touches and only one field goal attempt for two points.

Hibbert struggled to contain Bosh, while guarding him for 6:29, Bosh recorded 22 touches and went 4-for-6 from the floor with 11 points.