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May 29 2014 3:06PM

SportVU Matchup Data: East Finals Game 5

The Indiana Pacers staved off elimination on Wednesday with a Game 5 win in the Eastern Conference Finals. Using SportVU data, we'll take a closer look at Paul George's impressive 37-point performance, Rashard Lewis going for 18 points after being scoreless in the series, LeBron James scoring a career playoff low seven points in limited minutes and Roy Hibbert limiting the productivity of Chris Bosh.

Rashard Lewis For Three

Rashard Lewis scored 18 points in 31 minutes of action in Game 5 after playing 0 minutes in Games 1 and 2, and scoring 0 points in 43 minutes in Games 3 and 4.

Game 5

David WestLuis ScolaRoy HibbertGeorge Hill
Matchup Time7:261:060:490:32
FGM-FGA1-1 (100%)1-1 (100%)2-4 (50%)2-2 (100%)
3FGM-3FGA1-1 (100%)1-1 (100%)2-4 (50%)2-2 (100%)

Games 3 and 4

David WestLuis ScolaRoy HibbertGeorge Hill
Matchup Time10:130:000:320:17
FGM-FGA0-4 (0%)0-0 (0%)0-0 (0%)0-1 (0%)
3FGM-3FGA0-3 (0%)0-0 (0%)0-0 (0%)0-1 (0%)

Paul George vs Dwyane Wade

With LeBron James in foul trouble for most of the game, Paul George and Dwyane Wade were primarily matched up with each other in Game 5.

OffenseDefenseTimeTouchesFGM-FGA3FGM-3FGAFTM-FTADrivesDrive PtsPoints
GeorgeWade7:17238-14 (57%)3-8 (38%)2-21021
WadeGeorge6:49163-4 (75%)1-1 (100%)0-0327

David West vs. Lewis and Bosh

David West was primarily guarded by Rashard Lewis in Game 5 (8:42), but was also guarded by Chris Bosh for almost three minutes (2:46).

Matchup Time8:422:46
FGM-FGA3-5 (60%)2-5 (40%)

LeBron's Limited Minutes

While LeBron James spent a significant chunk of the game on the bench due to foul trouble, he struggled in the limited minutes he got. He shot a combined 1-of-6 in 7:20 of matchup time with Lance Stephenson and Paul George.

Matchup Time3:593:21
FGM-FGA0-3 (0%)1-3 (33%)
Drive Pts00

Hibbert Holds Bosh in Check

Roy Hibbert held Chris Bosh in check in Game 5, as Bosh scored 11 points off of 5-of-14 (36%) shooting in 8:20 of matchup time with Hibbert.

vs. Hibbert
Matchup Time8:20
FGM-FGA5-14 (36%)
3FG-3FGA1-4 (25%)