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May 27 2014 3:22PM

SportVU Matchup Data: East Finals Game 4

The Miami Heat took a commanding 3-1 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals after winning Game 4 on Monday night in Miami. The Heat never trailed thanks in large part to the performances of Chris Bosh and LeBron James. Using SportVU data, we take a closer look at Bosh's breakout game, LeBron consistently driving to the basket and David West winning his matchup against Rashard Lewis, albeit in a loss.

Bosh Breaks Out

After struggling through the first three games of the series, Chris Bosh was actively involved last night from the opening tip. Despite shooting 20% against Hibbert before last night in fewer than 7 minutes matched up against him, Bosh shot 67% for 10 points in about 3 minutes of matchup time last night.

Game 4Games 1-3

Roy HibbertDavid WestRoy HibbertDavid West
Matchup Time3:133:156:5814:04

West Wins vs Lewis

David West had one of his best nights of the playoffs on the offensive end last night, registering just two games that exceeded his 20 points from last night. This was his best game against the Heat, which was largely due to Rashard Lewis receiving far more time on the floor. While Miami has been good as a team with him in the lineup, David West torched him on the defensive end.

Game 4Games 1-3
Matchup Time8:044:35

Heat in the Driver's Seat

The Heat were clearly the aggressors last night, attacking the basket and looking for high efficiency shots far more successfully than the Pacers. James spearheaded this attack, with 13 total drives on which he scored 10 points. Paul George struggled to contain James at the level that he had in the first three games, allowing 8 drives in game four compared to 13 drives in the series before last night.

DefenderMatchup TimeDrivesDrive PtsFGFG%FoulsFT
Paul George10:05855-1050%02-2
George Hill0:53131-1100%11-1
Roy Hibbert0:32122-2100%12-2
David West0:42102-367%11-1
C.J. Watson0:23100-00%00-0
Ian Mahinmi0:24100-20%00-0