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May 25 2014 1:15PM

SportVU Matchup Data: East Finals Game 3

After trailing by 15 points early, the Miami Heat rallied to defeat the Indiana Pacers 99-87 on Saturday to take a 2-1 series lead. Using SportVU data, we look at some of the key matchups from Game 3 and throughout the series as a whole, including LeBron James' efficient offense when guarded by either Paul George or Lance Stephenson, the Heat shifting LeBron to defend Stephenson more in Game 3 and Hibbert's defensive effort against Miami's bigs.

Roy Hibbert Defense

Miami's big men struggled to score on Roy Hibbert, as Chris Andersen, Udonis Haslem, and Chris Bosh scored a combined one point on 0-of-3 shooting versus Hibbert in Game 3.

Chris AndersenUdonis HaslemChris Bosh
Matchup Time3:523:401:21
FGM-FGA0-0 (0%)0-2 (0%)0-1 (0%)

LeBron James vs. Paul George and Lance Stephenson

Paul George and Lance Stephenson have really struggled to guard LeBron James throughout this series, as James has shot a combined 22-of-34 (65%) versus them, including 8-of-11 (73%) in Game 3. Lance saw a lot more time on LeBron in Game 3, as he was matched up with him for 4:10 in Game 3, compared to only 1:49 in the previous two games.

vs. Georgevs. Stephenson

Game 3Series TotalsGame 3Series Totals
Matchup Time6:5227:374:105:59
FGM-FGA3-5 (60%)15-25 (60%)5-6 (83%)7-9 (78%)
3FGM-3FGA0-0 (0%)2-6 (33%)1-1 (100%)1-2 (50%)
Drive Pts2624

Lance Stephenson vs. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James

Lance Stephenson had primarily been guarded by Dwyane Wade in Games 1 and 2, but in Game 3 Miami placed LeBron James on Stephenson for 6:41 of matchup time, compared to 3:09 of matchup time in Games 1 and 2 combined. This move seemed to work, as Lance was much less successful shooting the ball in Game 3 than he was in Games 1 and 2.

Game 3LeBron JamesDwyane Wade
Matchup Time6:413:11
FGM-FGA1-3 (33%)0-2 (0%)
3FGM-3FGA0-1 (0%)0-1 (0%)
Drive Pts20

Games 1 and 2LeBron JamesDwyane Wade
Matchup Time3:0912:36
FGM-FGA3-5 (60%)8-12 (67%)
3FGM-3FGA1-2 (50%)2-3 (67%)
Drive Pts24

Dwyane Wade vs Lance Stephenson

Stephenson has primarily been responsible for covering Dwyane Wade on the other end of the court. Wade scored 14 points on 5-of-11 (45%) shooting in 7:18 of matchup time with Stephenson in Game 3. He has scored 33 points on 14-of-27 shooting (52%) overall in 24:45 of matchup time with Stephenson this series. Eleven of Wade's 33 points in his matchup with Stephenson have come off of 17 drives.

Drives Allowed

DefenderDrivesDrive Pts
Lance Stephenson116
Paul George72
LeBron James42
David West30
Chris Bosh34
Norris Cole30
Dwyane Wade32
C.J. Watson34
Mario Chalmers33