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May 12 2014 2:20PM

SportVU Matchup Data: Comeback Kids

The Clippers and Pacers both overcame huge deficits to pick up crucial Game 4 wins on Sunday. Using SportVU data, we'll look at some of the top matchups from those games, including the Clippers going with a small lineup during their fourth-quarter rally and Paul George going off in the second half against the Wizards.

Los Angeles vs. Oklahoma City | Washington vs. Indiana

Los Angeles vs. Oklahoma City

Chris Paul guarding Kevin Durant in the fourth quarter on Sunday night was a significant shift from the Clippers' previous defensive scheme, with Paul guarding Durant for just 15% of the time while he was on the floor in the first three games but increasing to 27% last night. While Durant has been dominant when guarded by Paul, the Thunder were unable to take advantage of the Clippers' attempts to go small at the end of Game 4.

Game 4Games 1-3
Matchup Time4:297:26
Total Def MP16:3750:34
% of Matchup Time27%15%

The Clippers shot just 3-of-21 (14%) from 3-point range in Game 4, with eight of those attempts coming against Kevin Durant. In the postseason, Durant has held opponents to just 29% from long range, and the Clippers made just one of those attempts against Durant Sunday night.

Game 4Postseason
Kevin Durant1-813%12-4229%
Reggie Jackson1-333%7-3520%
Thabo Sefolosha0-30%7-1937%
Russell Westbrook0-20%7-2035%
Serge Ibaka0-20%7-1937%
Caron Butler1-250%9-2339%
Steven Adams0-10%3-838%
Kendrick Perkins0-00%2-1118%
Derek Fisher0-00%5-1436%
Nick Collison0-00%2-633%

Though for the majority of the time Serge Ibaka defended Blake Griffin in the half-court, there were possessions down the stretch where he was guarded by Durant. In this limited matchup time, Griffin scored more points against Durant (seven), than he did against any other defender, and fared far better than he did against Ibaka Sunday night.

Matchup Time8:061:04

Washington vs. Indiana

The Wizards had no answer for Paul George in Game 4, as he recorded a playoff career-high 39 points on seven made baskets from beyond the arc. In particular, Trevor Ariza struggled to contain George, despite holding George to just 7-of-19 (37%) shooting over the first three games.

DefenderMatchup TimeTouchesFGFG%3FG3FG%FoulsFTDrivesPoints
T. Ariza8:56286-875%4-4100%34-5420
M. Webster4:18101-250%0-00%11-103
B. Beal1:3851-333%1-250%00-003
A. Harrington0:3513-560%2-367%10-008
D. Gooden0:3040-10%0-00%20-010
M. Gortat0:1603-475%1-1100%00-007

After playing sparingly in the first couple games, Drew Gooden received more minutes in Game 4. He was one of three Wizards that Hibbert guarded on the defensive end, and Gooden clearly had the best night against the Pacers' interior defender.

NeneM. GortatD. Gooden
Matchup Time4:053:583:36
Total Def MP13:4313:4313:43
% of Matchup Time302926
Oreb Allowed012

After allowing just 15 drives through the first three games, all of which came from John Wall, George Hill gave up eight Sunday night. This was due in large part to Andre Miller who took it to the basket 10 times, the most of any Washington player, after have just four total drives in the series before last night.

Game 4Games 1-3
DriverDrivesDrive PtsDrivesDrive Pts
John Wall52154
Andre Miller3000