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May 8 2014 4:54PM

SportVU Matchup Data: Bouncing Back

After dropping Game 1 at home, both the Pacers and the Clippers bounced back to win Game 2 to even their respective series. Using SportVU data, we'll take a look at the key matchups that went their way to help them secure their victories, including Roy Hibbert breakout game against the Washington bigs and Serge Ibaka's matchup with Blake Griffin.

Pacers vs. Wizards | Thunder vs. Clippers

Pacers vs. Wizards

Roy Hibbert finally had a breakout playoff game, as he shot a combined 10-of-13 in his primary matchups with Marcin Gortat and Nene.

Vs. Gortat

Game 1Game 2
Matchup Time2:197:30
FGM-FGA0-1 (0%)5-6 (83%)

Vs. Nene

Game 1Game 2
Matchup Time2:453:10
FGM-FGA0-1 (0%)5-7 (71%)

When Hibbert was on the defensive end, Gortat and Nene scored 16 points on a combined 8-of-15 (53%) shooting in 10:31 of matchup time in Game 2.

Paul George has primarily been guarded by Trevor Ariza this series. George has scored only seven points on a combined 3-of-10 shooting in 21:04 of matchup time with Ariza this series.

John Wall vs. George Hill

HillWall8:431-4 (25%)34
WallHill8:231-5 (20%)410

Bradley Beal was primarily guarded by Paul George and Lance Stephenson in Game 2. Beal scored eight points on 3-of-5 shooting in 9:03 of matchup time with Paul George. He scored zero points on 0-of-2 shooting in 2:25 of matchup time versus Stephenson. He had two drives versus George and none versus Stephenson.

Thunder vs. Clippers

The Clippers have primarily tried to cover Kevin Durant with Matt Barnes in this series. Durant has scored a combined 15 points on 6-of-12 shooting in 15:28 of matchup time with Barnes this series.

Game 1Game 2
Matchup Time7:407:48
FGM-FGA3-7 (43%)3-5 (60%)
3FGM-3FGA0-2 (0%)1-2 (50%)

Russell Westbrook vs. Chris Paul

WestbrookPaul7:11145-7 (71%)2-2 (100%)5312
PaulWestbrook6:20183-6 (50%)1-2 (50%)337

Blake Griffin and Serge Ibaka have primarily been matched up with each other this series. Blake has shot a combined 4-of-16 in 12:16 of matchup time with Ibaka. Ibaka has shot a combined 4-of-7 in 10:33 of matchup time with Blake.

Game 1

GriffinIbaka5:24222-8 (25%)1204
IbakaGriffin3:38123-4 (75%)0006

Game 2

GriffinIbaka6:52272-8 (25%)0004
IbakaGriffin6:5591-3 (33%)0202