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Apr 21 2014 12:46PM

SportVU Matchup Data: No Answer for Aldridge

With the help of SportVU, we take a closer look at Sunday's four Game 1s to highlight some of the top player vs. player matchups, including LeBron James vs. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Nene vs. Joakim Noah, Kawhi Leonard vs. Monta Ellis and LaMarcus Aldridge vs. everybody on the Rockets.

Washington vs. Chicago | Portland vs. Houston | San Antonio vs. Dallas | Miami vs. Charlotte

Washington vs. Chicago

Nene had a strong Game 1, and was matched up against Noah for 13 of his 15 half-court field goal attempts. He shot 7-for-13 (54%) on these shots, far better than his shooting totals on the season against Noah of 6-for-17 (35%).

While Augustin led all players with 11 drives, Kirk Hinrich was able to create far more penetration when he was matched up with Wall compared to Augustin.

D.J. AugustinKirk Hinrich
Matchup Time4:076:29
Drive Points04

Portland vs. Houston

Patrick Beverley's health will be an important factor in the remaining games of this series in Houston's ability to guard Damian Lillard. Beverley was relatively effective against Lillard last night, allowing 3-of-7 (43%) shooting and just one drive for a total of seven points. On the season, Lillard shot far more effectively against Beverley as compared to Lin, but was able to get into the lane with ease and get points at the rim against Lin.

Patrick BeverleyJeremy Lin
Matchup Time29:519:39
FG11-21 (52%)4-14 (29%)
3FG5-10 (50%)1-5 (20%)
Drive Points1610
Total Points3113

Throughout the game the Rockets tried multiple matchups to slow down Aldridge, but they were unsuccessful in doing so as he scored in a plethora of ways against many different defenders.

DefenseMatchup TimeFGMFG%FoulsFTMFTAPoints
T. Jones6:575-1050%44514
D. Howard3:014-850%2009
O. Asik2:034-667%1008
C. Parsons1:043-475%0117

Batum and Matthews were the two defenders that guarded Harden and Parsons in the half court, and while both put up decent overall offensive numbers, their typical 3-point attack was not in sync.

James Harden: Offense

Batum2-6 (33%)1-3 (33%)
Matthews3-9 (33%)0-5 (0%)
Combined5-15 (33%)1-8 (13%

Chandler Parsons: Offense

Batum2-5 (40%)0-2 (0%)
Matthews0-1 (0%)0-1 (0%)
Combined2-6 (33%)0-3 (0%)

San Antonio vs. Dallas

Dirk Nowitzki was primarily defended by Tiago Splitter and Boris Diaw throughout game one. Splitter limited Nowitzki to 1-of-6 from the field for three points in almost six minutes (5:49) of matchup time. Nowitzki was more successful versus Diaw, scoring eight points on 3-of-5 shooting from the field in 5:15 of matchup time.

Kawhi Leonard was able to shut down Monta Ellis, as Ellis shot only 1-of-7 (14%) in 7:06 of matchup time with Kawhi. Ellis led the league this season in total drives but Leonard was able to hold him to just one during his match up.

Dallas tried a variety of matchups to try and slow down Tim Duncan. Samuel Dalembert (5:17), Brandan Wright (3:53), Dirk Nowitzki (1:56), and DeJuan Blair (1:16) were matched up against him most frequently. Duncan scored 20 points on 9-of-16 shooting in those matchups, and 27 points on 12-of-20 shooting in all half-court matchups.

Tony Parker: Offense

Devin HarrisShawn Marion
Matchup Time4:324:32

Miami vs. Charlotte

LeBron James was primarily defended by Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Chris Douglas-Roberts in Game 1. Kidd-Gilchrist limited LeBron to one point on 0-of-4 shooting from the field in 5:10 of matchup time. LeBron saw more success versus Douglas-Roberts, as he shot 4-of-5 for 12 points in 3:35 of matchup time.

Josh McRoberts did a nice job defending Chris Bosh, as he held Bosh to six points on 2-of-9 shooting in 8:11 of matchup time.

Miami primarily used Chris Andersen (4:01), Udonis Haslem (3:24), and Chris Bosh (2:41) to try to slow down Al Jefferson. Jefferson shot 3-of-6 against Andersen, 3-of-6 against Haslem, and 0-of-2 against Bosh.

Dwyane Wade: Offense

Gerald HendersonChris Douglas-Roberts
Matchup Time6:472:14