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Apr 20 2014 12:14PM

SportVU: Defensive Matchup Notes from Day 1 of the Playoffs

As part of our playoff preview, we used SportVU data to highlight defensive matchup stats in order to dig into some of the one-on-one duels for each series. Now that the Playoffs are underway, we can see how each of those matchups is playing out and see which players have an advantage.

The Playoffs are all about adjustments. So keep an eye out for how each team looks to counter what the other one did in Game 1.

Toronto vs. Brooklyn

Paul Pierce was primarily defended by Patrick Patterson and Amir Johnson throughout the game. He had success against Patrick Patterson going 3-for-5 from the floor and 1-for-1 from three.

In his first career playoff game, Jonas Valanciunas was able to find score successfully versus the experienced Kevin Garnett, shooting 4-of-7 from the field for eight points. Williams and Livingston were able to penetrate against Greivis Vasquez, recording five and three drives, respectively, when matched up with Vasquez.

Joe Johnson: Offense

DeMar DeRozanJohn Salmons
Match Up Time8:213:34

Memphis vs. Oklahoma City

Tony Allen held Kevin Durant in check in the first game of the series, limiting him to 4-of-11 shooting and 1-for-4 from downtown in the half court. James Johnson had a brief stretch on Durant, allowing 2-for-2 shooting and Tayshaun Prince allowed 2-for-3 shooting.

Oklahoma City has a plethora of skilled interior defenders and they used several combinations to slow Memphis' inside scoring in the half-court.

Marc Gasol: Offense

Serge IbakaSteven AdamsKendrick Perkins
Match Up Time8:363:102:09

Zach Randolph: Offense

Nick CollisonKendrick PerkinsSerge Ibaka
Match Up Time4:344:233:15

Oklahoma City deployed a switching defense on the perimeter creating a variety of looks for Mike Conley. Westbrook still spent the most time on him with 7:39 in the half court, allowing six points. Kevin Durant held Conley to 1-of-4 shooting when he was matched up versus him and Reggie Jackson held Conley to 0-for-3 shooting but did allow six drives.

Golden State vs. Los Angeles

Just like the regular season matchup, Klay Thompson spent the most time defending Chris Paul throughout the game. Thompson held him to 2-of-9 shooting, both being 3 pointers. With two free throws as a result of a Thompson foul, Paul recorded eight points when matched up with Thompson.

David Lee: Offense

Match Up Time4:183:172:44

Iguodala did a fantastic job throughout the game providing ball denial and limiting shooters. When guarding Jamal Crawford and JJ Redick, he held them to 1-of-5 shooting. Darren Collison played a large role in slowing Stephen Curry in Game 1. In five minutes and 45 seconds of half-court match up time he only allowed Curry to get off two shots.

Atlanta vs. Indiana

In just more than 10 minutes of match up time with Paul George, DeMarre Carroll was able to limit his effectiveness, holding him to 4-of-13 shooting and 13 points.

Jeff Teague played excellent in the opening game of the series, recording 10 drives when matched up with George Hill and producing 14 points on those drives.

Kyle Korver is not normally known for his defense but recorded two blocks on Roy Hibbert and held his primary match up Lance Stephenson to 2-of-8 shooting.

While Pero Antic didn't score a lot of points his spacing created driving lanes for Teague.

Pero Antic: Offense


Paul George was able to hold Kyle Korver in check, limiting him to 0-of-4 shooting and 0-of-2 from three in their five minutes of match up time.