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Apr 17 2014 4:54PM

SportVU Preview: Los Angeles Clippers (3) vs Golden State Warriors (6)

The Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors square off in the No. 3 vs. No. 6 opening round matchup in the Western Conference playoffs. The series tips off with Game 1 on Saturday, Apr. 19 in Los Angeles (3:30 p.m. ET, ABC). The teams split the season series 2-2, with the home team winning all four games.

We take a closer look at some of the key matchups in this series with the help of SportVU player tracking technology. The SportVU data allows us to look at specific player vs. player matchup stats in a variety of categories such as drives, rebounds, the amount of time each defender spent guarding a player and much more. How well did Stephen Curry shoot the three against the Clippers? How well did Klay Thompson guard Chris Paul? Check out the stats below to find the answers.

Top Matchups

D. LeeB. Griffin27:46312-2744%0-00%22-421126
A. BogutD. Jordan25:0999-1369%0-00%02-321020
S. CurryC. Paul24:4519-2143%4-944%40-050322
C. PaulK. Thompson22:2519-1656%1-333%78-891127
B. GriffinD. Lee20:57111-2938%0-00%56-821028

David Lee: Primary Matchups

In four games versus the Clippers in the 2013-14 campaign David Lee spent significant time matched up with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan in the half court.

Blake GriffinDeAndre Jordan
Matchup Time20:5717:11
FGM-FGA11-29 (38%)4-6 (67%)
FTM-FTA6-8 (75%)0-0 (0%)
Points Allowed288
Offensive Rebounds Allowed15

Chris Paul vs. Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson is often matched up with the opposing point guards and it was no different versus the Clippers. Thompson found himself matched up on Chris Paul for more than 22 minutes in the three games that Paul played.

Paul was extremely successful in penetrating, driving nine times and scoring 27 points off 9-for-16 shooting from the field. Paul also was able to put pressure on Thompson, forcing seven fouls and shooting 8-for-8 from the line.

Curry 3-Point Attempts

In the half court set Stephen Curry has been extremely efficient when scoring against guards, shooting 8-16 from downtown vs. the Clippers.

Defender3FGM-3FGA (3FG%)
Chris Paul4-9 (44%)
Blake Griffin2-5 (40%)
Darren Collison3-4 (75%)
DeAndre Jordan1-4 (25%)
Other3-6 (50%)
*Guards include (C. Paul, D. Collison, W. Green, J. Crawford)

Drives Allowed

On the season the Clippers were not known as a dribble penetration driven team, ranking last in the league in drives per game (16.1). Golden State allowed the ninth most drives in the league per game as a team (22.7).

In four games versus the Clippers, Klay Thompson allowed 15 drives and Stephen Curry allowed 12 drives. As a team the Warriors held the Clippers to 16.3 drives per game.

Offense DefenseDrives
C. PaulK. Thompson9
D. CollisonS. Curry7
C. PaulS. Curry3
J. CrawfordK. Thompson2

Warriors' Wing Defense

The Warriors had varying degrees of success defending the opposing wing against the Clippers, depending in part on if the Warriors went small and who was guarding the wing. Iguodala was very effective against SFs but greatly struggled against SGs, while the opposite was true for Barnes.

Andre Iguodala
Matchup Time16:3220:01

Harrison Barnes
Matchup Time4:2610:23
*Barnes, Dudley, and Granger were considered SFs, while Crawford and Redick were SGs
PPP: Points per possession