Elias Top 5 NBA Questions -- Oldest Teams in the NBA

Each night the Elias Sports Bureau fields questions from broadcasters, reporters and other members of the media.
Here are the top five questions (and answers) from last night.

Q: Which are the three oldest teams in the NBA, in terms of average age of players on the current roster?

A: By that measure, the Spurs are the oldest (average age: 32 years, 57 days), followed by the Mavericks (30 years, 50 days), and the Grizzlies (29 years, 327 days).

Q: Has anyone averaged 25 points and 10 rebounds over their career in games against the Spurs (minimum: 10 games played against San Antonio)?

A: Yes. Larry Bird averaged 25.4 points and 10.7 rebounds in 24 games against the Spurs.

Q: What is the Warriors' record in games decided by 10-or-fewer points this season?

A: 23 wins, 1 loss (the loss came at Denver on January 13 by a 112-110 score).

Q: Which NBA team earned the most home wins in a season?

A: The 1985-86 Celtics, who went 40-1 at home en route to the NBA championship. Boston's only home loss came on December 6 of that season, a 121-103 loss to Portland. (The Celtics then went 10-0 in the 1986 playoffs and won the championship.)

Q: Among the 30 NBA teams, how many have a higher field-goal percentage in their road games than in their home games this season?

A: Nine of the 30 teams have produced a higher field-goal percentage on the road than at home so far this season. Among those nine teams, the Lakers have the widest difference (40.8 percent from the floor at home, 42.2 percent on the road).