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Mar 11 2013 3:17PM

D-Will for Three!

By Brian Martin

Deron Williams ignited the Barclays Center on Friday night with a record-breaking shooting performance, scoring 42 points on 11-of-16 shooting from 3-point range, including a new NBA record nine 3-pointers in the first half.

Williams did most of his damage in the first quarter -- hitting all seven of his 3-point attempts -- as the Nets built a 38-14 lead and the only drama that remained was whether or not the Brooklyn fans would witness a historic night.

While his first quarter was one longball short of Michael Redd's eight threes made in a quarter back in 2002, Williams added a pair of threes in the second quarter to set the new mark for a half.

Let's take a look at the record books, with the addition of Williams among the all-time leaders in 3-pointers made in a game, a half and a quarter.

Most three-point field goals, game

Williams, Full Game vs. Washington

12Kobe BryantL.A. Lakers vs. SeattleJan. 7, 2003
Donyell MarshallToronto vs. PhiladelphiaMarch 13, 2005
11Dennis ScottOrlando vs. AtlantaApril 18, 1996
J.R. SmithDenver vs. SacramentoApril 13, 2009
Stephen CurryGolden State vs. New YorkFeb. 27, 2013
Deron WilliamsBrooklyn vs. WashingtonMarch 8, 2013
10Brian ShawMiami at MilwaukeeApril 8, 1993

Joe DumarsDetroit vs. MinnesotaNov. 8, 1994
George McCloudDallas vs. PhoenixDec. 16, 1995 (OT)
Ray AllenMilwaukee vs. CharlotteApril 14, 2002
Peja StojakovicNew Orleans at L.A. LakersNov. 6, 2007
J.R. SmithDenver vs. AtlantaDec. 23, 2009

Williams fell one 3-pointer short of tying the all-time record for 3-pointers made in a game. He missed his final attempt with 1:08 to play and would not get up another shot in the final minute.

This was the second game in less than two weeks that threatened the record for 3-pointers made in a single game, as Stephen Curry hit 11 threes in Golden State's road loss to the Knicks on Feb. 27. It's not a bad time to be a long-distance shooter in New York City right now.

Most three-point field goals, one half

Williams, First Half vs. Washington

9Deron WilliamsBrooklyn vs. WashingtonMarch 8, 2013
8Tim ThomasMilwaukee at PortlandJanuary 5, 2001
Michael ReddMilwaukee vs. HoustonFebruary 20, 2002
Ray AllenMilwaukee vs. CharlotteApril 14, 2002

Kobe BryantL.A. Lakers vs. WashingtonMarch 28, 2003
Tracy McGradyOrlando at ClevelandJanuary 26, 2004
J.R. SmithDenver at ChicagoFebruary 22, 2008
J.R. SmithDenver vs. DetroitMarch 12, 2011

Jason RichardsonOrlando at MilwaukeeFebruary 11, 2012

Not only did Williams set the NBA record for 3-pointers made in a half, he set the Nets franchise record for 3-pointers made in a game ... by halftime. While he only added two more in the second half, the 11 3-pointers in a single game will likely stand for a while in the Nets record books.

Most three-point field goals, one quarter

Williams, First Quarter vs. Washington

8Michael ReddMilwaukee vs. HoustonFebruary 20, 2002
7John RocheDenver vs. SeattleJan. 9, 1982
Steve SmithAtlanta vs. SeattleMarch 14, 1997
Henry JamesAtlanta vs. New JerseyApril 15, 1997
J.R. SmithDenver at ChicagoFeb. 22, 2008

J.R. SmithDenver at MemphisMarch 24, 2008
J.R. SmithDenver vs. DetroitMarch 12, 2011

Ty LawsonDenver vs. MinnesotaApril 9, 2011
Ben GordonDetroit vs. PhiladelphiaApril 26, 2012
Deron WilliamsBrooklyn vs. WashingtonMarch 8, 2013

Six of the best 3-point shooting quarters have come in the past six years -- with three of them coming from J.R. Smith! The other top four performances span 20 years, beginning in 1982 with John Roche and ending with Michael Redd, who holds the top mark with eight threes in a single quarter, in 2002.

Williams 3-point shooting by quarter
1st Qtr7-7100.0%44.7% (entering Friday)
2nd Qtr2-450.0%33.3%
3rd Qtr1-333.3%33.7%
4th Qtr1-250.0%32.2%

It makes sense that Williams did most of his damage in the first quarter as it has been his best quarter by far this season when it comes to 3-point shooting -- hitting 44.7 percent of his threes entering Friday's contest. After the first quarter, Williams' percentage drops by over 10 percent and then holds steady.

Looking at Friday's game, he was unconscious in the first quarter, hitting 100 percent of his seven attempts, followed by a drop in percentage and attempts over the rest of the game. As hot as he was early, Williams did not force the three as he went 4-of-8 from 2-point range and tied for the team-high with five assists.

Williams 3-point shooting by season
2012-13Nets36.9% (entering Friday)
2010-11Nets27.1% (12 games)
2010-11Jazz34.5% (53 games)

Williams' best 3-point shooting seasons came in his rookie year when he shot 41.6%, followed by his third year at 39.5% -- both during his tenure with the Utah Jazz. However, his two worst years also came with the Jazz in his second and fourth seasons in the NBA. During his five-plus seasons with the Jazz (Nov 2, 2005 - Feb. 21, 2011), Williams shot 35.8.% from three.

Since joining the Nets in 2011, he has shot 34.1% from long range. Williams struggled with his shot during his first full season with the Nets, shooting a career-low 40.7% from the field along with a career-low 46.7% effective field-goal percentage in the final season in New Jersey.

Since moving to Brooklyn, the numbers have improved to 41.9% from the field (still far below his career average of 45.1%) and an eFG of 49.1%. Friday night's performance -- 15-of-24 FG, 11-16 3FG -- will help boost those numbers even more.