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State Farm knows that the right combination can lead to great things both on and off the court. That's why we're turning every on-the-court assist into real-life assists in communities across America. State Farm and the NBA are teaming up to donate $5 to neighborhoods in need for every assist this season.
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What is %BLK??

The percentage of team blocked shots by a player
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An Introduction to Play Type Stats

Picture sitting in a room for hours breaking down game film to prepare scouting reports for upcoming opponents. What type of offensive set is being run on each possession? A pick and roll, an isolation, a post-up, a dribble hand off? And which players are on the court and executing all of this action?

Picture doing this for every play...of every game...for every team!

Now picture getting the results of this work without having to put in the time to break down all of the footage. With the NBA's partnership with Synergy Sports Technology, scouting-level analytics are now available to view here on NBA.com/Stats.

How often does LeBron James post-up? How many points does James Harden score on isolation plays? Which teams score the most points in transition? Which teams are best at defending pick and roll? These play type statistics drill down to the details of each possession for a clearer understanding of the game.

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